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Updates, Broken limbs and Food Co-ops

How have you been? Things have been crazy here in my household. The weather has been crazy hot (over 100 degrees F many days). Hades called, they want their weather back. I’m inclined to give it back, I’m not a fan of melting. Since we have stolen Hades’ weather, my garden is mostly finished (Garden …

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Chicken Migas

Generally I agree with The Pioneer Woman on most food related issues. To me though, Migas is not Migas without Chorizo. Chorizo is really greasy and fatty though.😦 A local market, I adore Sprouts Farmer’s Market, sells ground chicken chorizo. I decided to give the chicken a try and boy, howdy I’m glad I did. …

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Slow Cooking Monday, Back to Basics

Back to Basics This week, I want to focus on basic slow cooker uses like cooking frozen meat. Many times I use my slow cooker to make full meals, other times I use my slow cooker to cook frozen chicken. The slow cooker makes cooking frozen meat so easy. I sometimes shop in bulk, I …

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Slow Cooker Monday, this week in FAIL

Cream of Leek and Potato soup I wanted to make something that could be made for meatless Monday or could be made Vegan. I decided to make Julia Child’s recipe. I made a few small changes. Instead of water I used homemade veggie stock, I used little potatoes instead of large russets and I did …

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Texas Sized Turkey Egg Rolls

Yes, I said turkey. We love egg rolls! I recently tried my hand at making my own egg rolls, it went so well that I tried it again, this time with ground turkey. Egg rolls trick my “Veggie Resistant” teenager into eating cabbage, carrots and onions. The process is a little time-consuming, but well worth …

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Myths, Emails and Bananas

I’m participating in the iPPP link up that Liz and KLZ host. My Mother likes to forward chain(ish) e-mails to me. I’m sure many Mothers do. Recently, my Mother forwarded one to me titled “Clever ideas at home worth knowing”. Sounds interesting right? I believe it to be full of myths. So, I’m testing the …

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Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! I hope you have a fabulous Fat Tuesday. Our dinner for Fat Tuesday Shrimp Creole (via a family recipe) for my daughter and I & Red Beans, Turkey Sausage and rice for the boys! I’m participating in the iPPP link up that Liz and KLZ host. Related articles Mardi Gras! (Happy Fat …

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Whole Grain First Ingredient Cereal, a MyBlogSpark giveaway

That title is a real mouthful, eh? Since I am working on adding more whole grains to my families diet, I was beyond excited when MyBlogSpark offered me the chance to host a cereal giveaway. Since my family eats cereal for breakfast at least 3 days a week, having whole grain options is VERY important …

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This week in FAIL….fishy edition

I had one heck of a week last week. 3 visits to the doctor’s office, an x-ray, an MRI and a shot. One doctor’s office visit was for my daughter, who stayed home most of the week with a sinus infection.The other 2 doctor’s office visits, the x-ray, the MRI and the shot were mine. …

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Savvy Shopping

I’m off shopping this morning. Grocery shopping. I know there are some peeps who have not finished their holiday shopping. I got a great e-mail offer from Target yesterday. I am going to attempt to share it with you via this LINK It is a printable coupon for a free $10 gift card with any …

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