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Texas Caviar….

Texas Caviar isn’t like normal Caviar. I don’t remember where I first had this yummy black-eyed pea dip, and I don’t know what other names it might go by, I have always known it as Texas Caviar. Texas Caviar isn’t very spicy, the way I make it, and it tastes amazing! I’m mid-way through my …


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My new favorite cooking show….

If you’re like me and you can’t sleep you either end up watching cooking shows or infomercials. Okay, maybe that’s just me. Of course, sometimes I watch crime TV, but I digress. One night last week, I stumbled upon Nadia G and Bitchin-Kitchen. Funny non? I made Nadia’s Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Crispy Medallione (fried ravioli) I …

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Canning your own salsa

This was meant to post tomorrow, Friday. I made a mistake though and marked it as June 1st not July 1st and it e-mailed all the sweet folks that get e-mail notifications about my blog posts…so one day early…here ya go! My blog friend Andrea over at From the Bookshelf posted this great salsa recipe, …

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Making Salsa frugally

I got this great salsa recipe from Andrea over at From the Bookshelf. My son can not get enough of this salsa. It is fabulous, fresh, and tasty. The price of cherry/grape tomatoes…yuck (not so fabulous), so I decided to try a different tomato. Hello less expensive, Roma tomato. I bought 8 Roma tomatoes at …

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Fish Tacos and Salsa rice

I am making my good friend Lane’s fish tacos tonight. They’re easy, sound delish and I’m in need of easy right now.               On a completely unrelated note, I am seriously disliking the steroids that the doctor put me on. I have felt like a Chihuahua stuck at a Doberman Pinscher meet and greet for …

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Frozen + Fresh= Maybe not Fabulous, but good enough

Well, it’s official (or doctor verified) that I am indeed sick.  😦 Sinus infection bordering on bronchitis. Fun, fun, fun.  I need to rest as much as possible over the next few days, we’ve got a busy weekend.  Resting, not so easy for me, the biggest thing  “resting”  means for my cooking is that I …

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