Savvy Shopping

I’m off shopping this morning. Grocery shopping.

I know there are some peeps who have not finished their holiday shopping.

I got a great e-mail offer from Target yesterday. I am going to attempt to share it with you via this LINK

It is a printable coupon for a free $10 gift card with any $50 purchase.

I’m not positive it will work for everyone, but I figured it was worth a try!

Have a super Thursday! Save well.



  1. Wish we had offers like this 😦

    • 😦 small villages probably don’t have massive super center stores huh?

      You’d be amazed.

  2. Now if I just had a Target here in South Africa.
    🙂 Mandy

    • I wish you did too! Target is pretty cool!

  3. What a splendid offer jamie Anne, I shall print it for The Matriarch who is the great shopper in the family. She will give it a try .. thank you.. c

  4. Have fun!

  5. Happy shopping!

  6. Oh dear, that’s dangerous. I could easily spend $50+ at Target. Every time I go, I end up buying things I think I need at the time, but could probably live without. Happy shopping!!

    • Yes, Target is dangerous like that! I usually spend at least $50 when I visit Target.

  7. Save Well…no greater wish shy of soul salvation can one seem to wish another these days…
    Bless You
    I’ve missed you..
    Haven’t been around my own site lately, and sorry I’ve not been here.
    God Bless

  8. Great share! You’re the Martha Stewart of WordPress!

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