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Chicken Taco Salad

Taco Salad, remade.   When I was young,  my mother made taco salad all the time.    Ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pinto beans, Catalina dressing and Doritos.   We had this version of taco salad almost weekly. When I married and became the “cook” I began making the salad too. It’s very kid friendly, it’s …

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Chicken Migas

Generally I agree with The Pioneer Woman on most food related issues. To me though, Migas is not Migas without Chorizo. Chorizo is really greasy and fatty though.😦 A local market, I adore Sprouts Farmer’s Market, sells ground chicken chorizo. I decided to give the chicken a try and boy, howdy I’m glad I did. …

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Irish Stew

Stew is one of those meals that feels like a hug in a bowl. My family is Irish, Scottish, German. Our varied heritage means we embrace a little bit from each piece of our backgrounds. Well, mostly we embrace the Irish and the German. I should work on the Scottish. Irish stew is one of …

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Texas Sized Turkey Egg Rolls

Yes, I said turkey. We love egg rolls! I recently tried my hand at making my own egg rolls, it went so well that I tried it again, this time with ground turkey. Egg rolls trick my “Veggie Resistant” teenager into eating cabbage, carrots and onions. The process is a little time-consuming, but well worth …

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The Tale of Two Salads, this week in FAIL

I am working on adding more greens and whole grains to my families diet.   Not that we don’t love nachos, chicken fried steak and creamy, dreamy gravy….because we do. It’s more about making wise choices about the food I feed my family. I made two salads recently with two very different results. The first salad …

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This week in FAIL….fishy edition

I had one heck of a week last week. 3 visits to the doctor’s office, an x-ray, an MRI and a shot. One doctor’s office visit was for my daughter, who stayed home most of the week with a sinus infection.The other 2 doctor’s office visits, the x-ray, the MRI and the shot were mine. …

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Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

Some gifts are about food. About filling a tummy with gooey goodness. Other gifts are about pampering someone you care about in a non-foodie way. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub is one a great way to pamper the crafter, gardener, baker, person who likes pampering in your life. Making your own sugar scrub is so easy. …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my wonderful friends have a great Thanksgiving! I am thankful for every one of you. Thank you for being you! I’m off celebrating the holiday with my family. If you’ve made a turkey, don’t forget to make turkey stock with it after you remove all the meat from the bird. Place the …

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Turkey and Gnocchi Soup

One of the great things about Thanksgiving, besides the family time is left-overs….turkey to be specific. What do you do with all that left-over turkey once you’ve eaten a few of the pre-requisite turkey and stuffing sandwiches? I love using the left-over turkey to create new twists on recipes. Olive Garden has this amazing soup. …

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Chicken Pot Pie

What could be more comforting or more fall – winter-ey than chicken pot pie? That question was totally rhetorical. In my opinion, no store-bought pot pie will ever come close to the taste of a home-made pot pie. I’ll be totally honest, home-made takes a little more time to make, but it is totally worth …

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