Garden Gab Week 12

Hello all! Gardening this week was much better than week 11’s Meh week.

Things are growing, the new bean plants I planted last weekend are sprouting.

I planted my mint in the side garden where the squash had been. Here’s hoping that the grubs do not like mint.

Minty goodness...back off grubs!

A big, black, fuzzy caterpillar munched my growing cucumber. Bad caterpillar! It cost me one cucumber, it cost the caterpillar it’s life. Buh Bye!


The okra seems to have gotten a reprieve from the munchy bugs, so they are growing.

My tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Yay!

Oh! I planted leek seeds this week, hopefully it was not too late in the season for the leeks to grow properly.  I’ll keep you posted.

How is your garden growing?

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  1. Oh you’re going to love that fresh mint. It’ll probably come back too.And was that a ripening tomato I saw, very nice!

    • It was a ripening tomato. There are two others that are heading towards ripe as well.
      I had the mint in a planter and it was not happy (due to the heat I believe) it’s much happier in the ground.

  2. Your mint should do fine – it usually just runs wild and (so far) we haven´t had nay grubs attacking ours. Right, must go and water our veggies now….!

    • Good, grubs are evil. 🙂 Thanks Tanya!

  3. Keep a watchful eye on your mint. They grow so well in the ground that they can turn into invasive weeds fast. At my last house the lawn was made of mint. Poor caterpillar. I cant kill the bugs in my garden. I pull them off the plants and flick them into the neighbours yard. He doesn’t take care of it so I doubt he minds 😛 Your veggies are looking great. I am jealous.

    • Thanks Chookie! I don’t mind if the mint spreads a bit, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I’d have sent the caterpillar on his way, but my neighbor has a veggie garden too. 🙂

  4. I want a garden! WAAAH!

    • Plant one! I’ll come help you!

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