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Garden Gab, Loss

My 1st tomato child (first tomato plant I planted) is dying. This year is the 1st year since I began gardening, 3 years ago, that my tomato plants have been fruitful. Tomatoes are hard for me for some reason. 😦 The leaves began to take on a golden hue. I went to my favorite garden …


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Garden Gab Week 12

Hello all! Gardening this week was much better than week 11’s Meh week. Things are growing, the new bean plants I planted last weekend are sprouting. I planted my mint in the side garden where the squash had been. Here’s hoping that the grubs do not like mint. A big, black, fuzzy caterpillar munched my …

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Garden gab Week 10

Here’s a peek at my garden this week. Notice the baby zucchini. Yay! 😀 My Okra is still being munched. 😦 All the other plants are still growing happily. I expect more veggie production any day now. My tomatoes are still green, they better start getting red soon or I’ll be tempted to use them …

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