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From My Garden to My Pantry

What do you do when you have an abundance of cucumbers? I made pickles. 3 jars of Bread and Butter Pickles 4 jars of Dill Pickles

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Can it up! Pickles…a how to.

Canning is a wonderful way to keep summer fruits and vegetables for use in the winter. It’s an especially great thing to do if you are trying to live frugally and make use of in-season produce. My bloggy friend Allie of Forgotten Beast and I are going to be writing some very detailed, step by …


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Garden Gab week 16…..

The veggie tales continue…can I say that without mentioning Veggie Tales? Have you ever seen Veggie Tales? Honestly, I love Veggie Tales. I just wish I had kids who were young enough that they still enjoyed the show. I miss Veggie Tales, my husband and I have tried to watch a few of the newer …

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Garden Gab Week 12

Hello all! Gardening this week was much better than week 11’s Meh week. Things are growing, the new bean plants I planted last weekend are sprouting. I planted my mint in the side garden where the squash had been. Here’s hoping that the grubs do not like mint. A big, black, fuzzy caterpillar munched my …

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Garden Gab week 5

Here’s a peek at how my garden is growing this week.  Most of the plants, the ones that were damaged by the wind, are doing well.  The replacement seeds I planted last weekend are sprouting.  My okra is also sprouting.     I was super stoked to find a whole bunch of tiny, baby lady bugs …

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