A tale of two eggplants

Eggplants are funny looking things. All purple (or white…or green) and waxy looking.

Did you know that the eggplant is closely related to tomatoes and potatoes? They are.

Did you know that the eggplant fruit is classified as a berry? It is.

Did you know that the eggplant is related to tobacco plants? It is.

Did you know that I dressed as an eggplant at my last Halloween party? I’m kidding, I did NOT.

I just wanted to break the “Cliff Clavin” cycle I was on.

I bought two eggplants the other day at SPROUTS. Why? I’ve had eggplant on my mind a lot lately. I have seen a number of eggplant recipes in the foodie blogs. Eggplant dips, eggplant stir-fry, eggplant Parmesan, roasted, baked, broiled…eggplant.

Two eggplants, two different meal, one week. “Challenge accepted!” to quote “How I met your Mother”

One recipe I really liked was a recipe that Pragmatic Attic posted for Eggplant Parmesan. Another good recipe I found was on Kate from scratch for Rollatini di Melanzane Parmigiano. (runner up recipe, I’ll make it next time I get eggplants)

I decided to make Eggplant Parmesan. One eggplant was skinned, sliced, chilled, breaded and broiled. The recipe calls for baking the breaded eggplant slices, but I decided to use my broiler on the breaded eggplant instead of baking it, it looks fabulous. Broiled it earlier this morning and I am storing the breaded eggplant patties in the refrigerator until tonight when I will bake them following the recipe on Pragmatic Attic.

My kids are excited about this dish, even after trying the eggplant that was grilled. I’m glad they have an open mind.(see below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other eggplant was skinned, quartered, cut into large chunks, sprinkled with salt and olive oil, chilled for 20 min and then placed in foil pouches with onion. I served it with hamburgers that my husband grilled. We put the eggplant pouches on the grill while he grilled the hamburgers we had for dinner on Tuesday night.

This did not go well, the eggplant was cooked, but overly so, it was mushy. It had a decent taste, but the texture was not pleasing. I don’t recommend it. Maybe I over grilled it?

Here’s a picture of the finished eggplant parm.

How do you cook your eggplant?

The “fact” information posted at the beginning of this post came from my fabulous interweb search skills…AKA Wikipedia.



  1. You know, I fear the eggplant because I hate wasting money/time/effort on something that no one eats. I just … even the name of it kind of sounds gross. LOL. Do you know Curious George tried to PLANT eggs TO grow egg plant? LOL. Yeah, that’s the kind of information that I get from watching the bits and pieces of tv while Ben’s in the room in the pack n play while I grab a quick shower. LOL πŸ™‚ The eggplant Parmesan… how was that? Are you an eggplant family? My grandmother used to make it a lot…but ? I honestly don’t even recall if I ever ATE it! I just know she cooked it! Probably fried…which is probably why I don’t make it. LOL

    • LOL @ planting eggs, girl you watch too much little kid TV!
      We did not like the grilled eggplant.
      The one I breaded and broiled this morning for eggplant Parm. will be the star of tonight’s dinner, so I’ll let ya know. I always enjoyed eggplant Parmesan at Olive Garden when I was a teenager.

    • Call them aubergines like the Brits! Isn’t that more appetizing!

      • True, so true. Everything’s better with a British spin. πŸ˜‰

  2. I LOVE eggplant Parmesan but I usually make a lower calorie Eggplant Rollatini. I bake the eggplant slices unbreaded just to avoid excess carbs and fat. I slice them the long way so I can roll them. Then I mix ricotta, parmesan and fresh basil and roll it all up. Sprinkle with mozzarella and tomato sauce and bake. Lower calorie but still so good. I love the texture when breaded and fried or baked and I do that sometimes too.
    IMy favorite are the long, Japanese eggplants that I’m growing this year. I love to grill them and did a post on it a few months ago. http://www.sparkymarketing.com/?p=2543
    I also love to roast chunks of eggplant along with red onions, zucchini and red or yellow peppers. Just sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 350 till soft. You can put it all in a food processor for a delicious dip or serve with grilled steak or chicken. So good!

  3. I answered no to about all of those questions, except the Halloween costume. I like the new header and I love the slideshows you do. I also love doing foil packs, but have never tried one with eggplant, will have to do that. Eggplant parm is so great. I need to eventually post that. It’s just so much food for two people!

    • LoL Greg! I was Princess Buttercup (from the Princess Bride) last Halloween, my husband was my Farm Boy.
      I think the parm should freeze?!

      • It should, but I never freeze entrees. My freezer is packed with meat, broth, frozen veggies, pesto. I even have ice, but there’s a bottle of limoncello in the ice bin, ha! I would love a separate freezer, but well, always something else to buy. And the added electricity….

      • I have a chest freezer in my garage. I love it!! I had a refrigerator in the garage, and I loved having it, hated the extra expense. It’s unplugged now. 😦

      • Ha, did Farm Boy say as you wish all night?

      • He always does. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks on the header and pictures. The header was not planned, but I apparently had a blog theme that was discontinued. 😐

  4. The eggplant parm looks great. I have tried freezing it, and it works out fine.

    I like your idea to use the broiler for the eggplant slices. I bake my eggplant slices in my l(very) large toaster oven, and they do brown faster when I put the adjustable rack close to the heating element (which is sort of like broiling them, I guess).

    And thanks for the link . . .

    • Thanks Laura. It was very good. Next time I make it I may freeze half of it, it’s very filling.

  5. I want to come to dinner at your house! I love eggplant parm – or as we call in in our (Italian) household Melanzane all Parmigiana. Does that sound more appetising to those who donΒ΄t like the word eggplant?! And yes, we Brits call them by the French word aubergines. WeΒ΄re funny like that. We call zucchini (you use the Italian word) courgettes. PS: Eggplant freezes fine as I had so many at the end of last summer I cut them into slices, salted them to get rid of excess bitterness, grilled them on the bbq then froze them. I used them up over the next few months in parmigiana. Very tasty and quick!

    • So many lovely new words. πŸ™‚ if you’re ever in Texas, there’s always a seat for you at my dinner table Tanya.

      I’m going to make extra next time and freeze half.

  6. Hi Jamie! I saw you on Homestead Revival’s Blog Frog community and said “I know her!” I’m Lane’s friend and I immediately recognized your photo! Too funny to find you on another blog!

    Oh and I love eggplant parmesan. Cut and bread the eggplant slices, then layer them like lasagna, ending with a big mass of mozzarella. I don’t serve it with noodles though. And we don’t eat this often because, well, it’s really fattening. But soooooo gooooooooood. I currently have 4 eggplant plants growing in my garden. I want to try adding it sauteed with other veggies or in stir fry.

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for the comment. Small world huh? πŸ™‚
      I don’t have any eggplants in my garden, but I’ve got lots of lovely carrots growing. Not the same, but I’m excited.

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