Exploring the world, one taste at a time

Are you familiar with World Market? I love World Market. I am a member of their World Market Explorer rewards program. With the rewards program I earn free coffee, I earn rewards for every $100 I spend on food items, I get $10 off $30 purchase coupons e-mailed to me and I received a birthday gift last month for $10 store credit. Pretty cool right? Right! Enough with the hard sell on World Market.

Wednesday the kiddos and I went to World Market, we needed coffee and I love to browse. I bought 3 “new to me” items. Here’s what I bought.

I bought Strawberry-Rhubarb jam. Now I will know if I want to mess around with rhubarb or not.
It’s World Market brand. I put some on my homemade oatmeal wheat bread. It’s pretty good. Of course it’s hard to mess up jam. 😉

I bought Helios Fruit Wheels. Basically they are little wedges of strawberry fruit spread that claim to be a favorite in Spain. The packaging looks like a cheese we buy regularly. Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese wedge.
We did not love the fruit wedges. My daughter and I both tried them. They were wiggly & wobbly wedges of fruit spread.

I bought smoked salmon Pâté. My husband is not a fan of Pâté, so we don’t eat it often. I’ve never had salmon Pâté…I figured it’s a little tin, I could try it alone with no problem. I hope the Pâté isn’t too snooty, all I have cracker wise are saltines (oops!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have not tried the Pâté yet. If I like it, or even if I don’t, I’m excited to try all these little bits of the big, wide world. I did not even need a passport.



  1. I love World Market! I had no idea they had a rewards program. I wonder if beer counts as food? 😉

    Love the new banner. I need to get you to teach me how to make a slide show of photos. Yours looks so good.

    • Beer and wine does not count as food. Trust me, I asked. 😉
      The slide show is a wordpress thingy.

  2. They have a great wine selection too! But alas, none in Arkansas that I know of.

    • That is horrible. They need to build one there.

  3. Sadly we don´t have World Market here – but it´s good to hear about it. I´ve seen the brand Helios here in Spain, they do jams, but have never seen what you bought. Sounds a little like something we all make or buy in the autumn which is quince jelly – like a firm jam (some countries call it cheese or leather which sounds far less appetising 😉 )…I will have to look out for the strawberry one. It´s great to try new things. My parents always understood that we have different likes and dislikes foodwise, but would always insist that my brother and I tried something before saying “I don´t like that”. More often than not, we liked it!

    • This was jelly like. 🙂 I like to try at least one new thing with my kids each week. I’m not always successful, and the kids don’t always like the items, but we give it a try.

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