Converting a recipe from all-purpose flour to whole wheat flour

I did a little investigating.

Converting your all-purpose flour recipe to a whole wheat flour recipe seems pretty easy.  At least on paper.

After a bit of research I figured out that the conversion would be…..All-purpose flour to whole wheat 1 TBSP less whole wheat flour per cup.


3 cups of all-purpose flour= 2  &  2/3 cups of whole wheat flour

Working with whole wheat flour is different, it’s much lighter, airy even…it is harder to work into the dough.  I felt that it needed to rest longer and when you knead it, it gets sticky very quickly.

My oatmeal bread recipe would be better with whole wheat yes? I’m working on converting it to a whole flour recipe.

100% whole wheat flour makes the bread too dense.  It tastes fine, but it is really heavy. I think maybe a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour is the way to go. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Here’s a picture of the tasty, yet dense whole wheat oatmeal bread.

Fail? Maybe…but,  I don’t think so, I’m thinking work in progress.


  1. Ahhh…thank you for doing this! I’ve been thinking more and more about making my own bread. I’m trying to cut as many processed foods as possible out of my diet. So I’m interested to see what your final outcome is. Thanks again!

    • 🙂 I will keep you updated. 🙂

  2. I love dense wheat breads, so that’s not a fail to me!

    • Well, you’ll love it then. 🙂 It tastes great, especially with a little butter and jam.

  3. It looks wonderful and I love “heavier” breads. When I eat a slice of bread, I need to know that I´ve eaten it and not inhaled a whiff of fresh air, so this looks perfect to me! Still haven´t got organised enough to try your loaf, hopefully in the next day or so. Will keep you posted!

    • Tanya,
      I’ll be excited to hear about your bread. I went to World Market today (World Market is a store where you can buy canned/dried food items from other countries, wine, coffee, dishes and some furniture) I go there for the food and wine. I bought fruit wedge spread that claims it is a “Spain favorite”. I’ll post about it Friday, you’ll have to tell me if you have ever heard of it.

  4. Thank you for this info! Love the new photo!

  5. I make my own bread too, you know (i tend to use the breadmaker a lot, however, because of always bein gon the GO GO GO with three boys!) And I typically will do a half/half mix if it calls for all purpose flour… but you’re absolutely right in that it’s more dense…. but I, too, like that. 🙂

    • I use my bread machine too. Love it. I’m working on a bread that would be suitable for sandwiches, so it must be less dense than the whole wheat. I’ll keep you posted.


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