It’s hard having to say No

It’s hard to say no to puppies.

Especially when those puppies are 3 weeks old and right up in your face.


I was a puppy pillow.

Since my kids had Monday off from school, we drove to my Mother’s home (way out in the country) to visit with her, my Grandmother and 6 new puppies.

Kids PLUS puppies equals LOVE

Tweens & Teens PLUS puppies equals insistent, loud and persuasive LOVE

My kids want two of these precious Mini-Australian Sheppard puppies.


My husband and I are not in the market for two new family members.

Not even sweet, darling little puppies.

Not right now, at least.

Having to tell my sweet children No, well…it hurts my heart.


Did I mention I was a puppy pillow?

Saying No to the children I love with my whole being is sometimes really hard.

As a parent, I want to make them happy. I want to be able to say Yes.

Sometimes though, Yes isn’t the right answer. Yes isn’t the agreed upon answer.

Sometimes, I have to say No.


Hard to say No to a face like that.


These puppies are cuddle bugs. Sweet smelling, adorable, tiny persuasive sales props.


Lord help us all, we even came up with names for two of them. "Chewy" and "Eggplant"

Right now, we remain puppy free. The pups are currently too young to be placed in new homes.

My husband remains strong in his quest for a puppy free home. I am trying to remain strong, it’s hard though….








*Begin sales pitch* If you’re near Texas and looking for a Mini-Australian Sheppard puppy, let me know…I’ll get you in touch with my Mother. Her prices are fair. *this ends my sales pitch*

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Tomorrow I have a fun MyBlogSpark giveaway to tell you about.

Fun for the young and the young at heart.



  1. If I was anywhere near Texas, I would be AT YOUR MOTHER’S DOOR to pick on of these up! I love Australian shepherds…and there’s a mini-version?? Yeah, I’d have a hard time saying no. Especially since I have a fenced-in yard now–I’m trying not to even look at/think about dogs, or else my “no” will crumble. Love the name eggplant for a dog, too (well, of course I would 😀 )

    • Eggplant is an awesome name. My daughter thought it up.

      Yes, the mini-Aussie’s are too cute. 🙂

  2. Ooh tough call. And if you do get one you have to get two so they can keep each other company. If I lived closer…..;)

  3. Aw! Are you sure you couldn’t change your mind? They’re so cute!

  4. Puppies are born with the “YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU” gene! Sneaky little things.
    🙂 Mandy

  5. What cute puppies!! I’ve always had a dog. I couldn’t imagine life without a 4-legged best friend who’ll listen to me anytime. I think the dog always made a difference for my really shy daughter.

  6. We’ve fostered, bottle-fed and adopted out so many puppies through a rescue organization. I highly recommend getting your puppy fix that way! So much cheaper and easier in the long run.

  7. Oh, it is so hard. I’m very anti-dog. But my boys are wearing me down.

  8. So darn cute. I can promise that puppies don’t always smell sweet.

  9. Definition of cuteness.

  10. gfunkified

    I’ve never bee able to say no to faces like that. So, I try to stay far, FAR away.

  11. Oh my goodness! I would be carrying that tiny bundle of adorableness around with me wherever I went!

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