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Garden Gab, Week 9

This week my garden is in major production mode. Zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers…we got em. Beans and peas are booming! My onion has a flower. Cucumber and squash. The tomatoes are ripening….finally! The baby watermelons are growing well. I just found another this morning, so now we have 4. The 3 bigger ones are pictured …

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Baked Squash Casserole, food from my garden

Squash casserole is one of my favorite comfort food dishes. When I was a teenager, my Mother and I would go to a restaurant called “The Black-eyed Pea” and order veggie plates. Plates full of broccoli rice casserole, fried okra, cheese-y broccoli soup and the most amazing squash casserole. It was one of our favorite …

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Garden Gab, Week 7

Is there anything better than watching things you planted blossom and grow? Well, okay watching my children grow tops watching my plants grow, but watching my plants grow is still pretty awesome. The warmth has taken hold here in Texas. The temps are holding steady in the mid to upper 80’s. I’d prefer the 70’s, …

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Pictures from a trip I wish I took.

My Father and Step-Mother just returned from an amazing trip to Australia which included a cruise that took them to New Zealand and surrounding areas. A month long cruise! It is a trip I wish to someday take. Here are some random pictures of their trip. Color me envious    

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Garden Gab, weeks 5 and 6

Pictures from my growing garden. Flowering bean plants. Lettuce. My 5 tomato plants. I’m growing corn, well corn stalks. Beets, peppers and (I think) watermelons. I did not plant lettuce there. It must have washed there in the heavy rain a few weeks ago. What one thing does not belong? The little oak tree. We …

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It’s hard having to say No

It’s hard to say no to puppies. Especially when those puppies are 3 weeks old and right up in your face. Since my kids had Monday off from school, we drove to my Mother’s home (way out in the country) to visit with her, my Grandmother and 6 new puppies. Kids PLUS puppies equals LOVE …

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Zombie Eggs and Tornado Outbreaks

Holidays are all about miracles. Passover or Easter, it’s all about the miracles. The miracle of protection. The miracle of resurrection. Miracles…. Speaking of miracles, We had a bit of a tornado outbreak here in Central North Texas on April 3rd. We had 13 tornadoes in the DFW area in one day. A lot of …

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Proof that household chores are evil

This is a real picture. I took it with my iPhone at a local grocery store a number of months ago. I’m prepping for surgery tomorrow morning. My CT scan showed a severely deviated septum and a bone spur in my nose. They believe this is causing the headaches I have been suffering from as …

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Rainy Day Garden Gab

Welcome to rain-apocalypse 2012 at least that is how the weather team on T.V. is treating it.   It’s  been raining here for a little over 12 hours.  Storming, wind howling, thunder booming, lightning flashing, big, cold drops of rain falling. Since we just planted the garden, this is a blessing and a curse.   Water …

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The way to a Teenage boy’s heart

Or….How to connect with your teenage son via fast food and T.V. I am always looking for ways to bond with my teenager. Teenage boys are sometimes moody, somewhat secretive and hermit like…..Or maybe it’s just my son. 14 must be a rough age to have an actively engaged parent. I did not have very …

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