Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

From my blessed, yet currently sick household to your (hopefully well) household.


Mother-Son Dinner


Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance




iPhone Photo Phun



  1. Ah – treasured memories! Happy Valentines Day to you and all your lovely family 🙂

  2. Happy Valentines Day to all you love!!

  3. Happy Blogintines to all

  4. Special times.
    :- ) Mandy

  5. Oh no, hope you all feel better soon!

  6. You poor guys being sick, well drinks lots of valentines water and hope you fell better soon.. c

  7. Liz

    Aww! YAY for the father daughter dance!

  8. That’s fun. I’ve heard about a lot of father daughter dances but I’ve never heard of ones in my city.

  9. What great memories! You are a good mom and it looks your husband is a good dad.

  10. So sweet! I can’t wait for the father daughter dance pictures of my future! Hope your home is on the mend.

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