Cra-mazing dipped pretzels

Cra-mazing: (adj.) something both crazy and amazing.

also known as Freak-tacular


I bought these super duper long pretzels. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I


  1. had to buy them
  2. intended to dip them in melting chocolate

A few days later, while picking up some yarn from Michael’s, I found candy cane flavored melting chocolates.



I warmed the chocolate. I dipped the pretzels in dark chocolate. Allowed them to dry.

Then I drizzled them with the candy cane chocolate. And then a few of them, I just dipped into the candy cane chocolate.

20111215-204934.jpg 20111215-204955.jpg

Hello lovely.

Salty, buttery, sweet and chocolate-y. What else would you call it but cra-mazing?

What cra-mazing things have you come across lately?

No peanut brittle recipe today, I’m short one ingredient. Raw peanuts.
Maybe Monday!



  1. tess

    i wish i had those for my trip this weekend- my dad loves pretzels- very nice

  2. Gorgeous! These would make such a great gift wrapped in some colorful cellophane and ribbon. Mmm, plus I never say no to sweet + salty.

  3. wow that IS crazy mazing! c

  4. You’re doing so many fun projects for Christmas.

  5. I love all these things that you are doing – want to come down your chimney and eat a bit of everything!

  6. We love fun quick projects in the kitchen! 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’ve come across anything cra-mazing lately. But, your pretzels do look tasty!

  8. I love these!! Every Halloween I’d make these for the kids calling them Witches Brooms!! Fun, fun idea!!

  9. Cra-mazing? Awesome!

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