Gifts in a hurry

Sometimes you have time to make a special homemade gift for your friends or coworkers or teachers, sometimes you don’t.

Today, I want to talk about options for gifts that are microwavable.

Yes, I said microwavable.

Using your microwave to help you shave time off of making homemade gifts is a wonderful option for those who are really busy.

Today I’m going to talk about chocolate dipped Oreos and microwave fudge.

Yes, I got a new table-cloth.

Chocolate dipped Oreos are so easy and even though you didn’t make the Oreos they’re still a really nice

“homefake” gift


Microwave the melting chocolate chips. For two minutes on half power, stir, and microwave for two more minutes at half power.

Stir the chocolate then dip the Oreos into the chocolate. I hold the Oreos by two fingers and dip. I try to cover the most of the Oreo by rolling them back and forth except for the part where my hand or my fingers are.

Then lay the dipped cookies on a baking pan covered with waxed paper and allow them to dry.


I used peppermint Oreos.

Speaking of peppermint, my peppermint vodka is done! It. Is. Awesome! I plan to use it in hot chocolate during the winter.

Peppermint-ey bliss, Don’t Peppermint and drive!

Now, on to the fudge. I got the fudge recipe from The Food Network website.

I used ALDI brand products, yes I’m being frugal.

Microwave fudge is easy. One bag of chocolate chips (I prefer milk chocolate even though the recipe calls for semi-sweet *and I used semi-sweet in this batch*), one can of sweetened condensed milk, microwave for five minutes. (I would recommend microwaving for two and a half minutes, stirring and then microwaving for the remaining two a half minutes.

Stir until glossy, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and nuts if you want them.

Place the fudge in a greased pan. I placed parchment paper in the pan. I buttered the parchment paper and I poured the fudge on to of the parchment paper, like a buttery little bed for your fudge-y goodness. Then refrigerate the fudge until cool. I would say at least two hours and then cut it into squares.

it’s good hot, but better if you let it cool.

I also have a recipe for microwave peanut brittle. If you’d like to see it please leave me a comment and I will post it tomorrow.

Cake Balls…are awesomesauce

I used my extra dipping chocolate to cover my cake balls with chocolate. I used my new baby cakes cake pop maker to make the cake pops. It worked great. I highly, highly recommend this machine. I also made muffin balls with it yesterday morning. And I’m planning to make brownie balls later today. I can’t say enough about how awesome the cake ball maker is.



  1. That vodka is so pretty! And now, of course, I have to make some–since it’s a success. I only have citrus vodka on hand though, haha, reaaaally don’t think those would mix. I’ll have to pick up some of the standard stuff, and maybe a few candy canes…Christmas party on Saturday, so that just might be perfect in some hot cocoa.

    Love the idea of microwavable treats!

    • Allie, I used 9 peppermint candies for 6 ounces of vodka. I’m not sure how that will translate to candy canes.
      Give the vodka at least 12-20hours to “melt” the candy. Shake it a few times during the “melting” period.

  2. I love the chocolate dipped oreos!! Sometimes I’ll add them into a cookie tray at the last minute for a sweet surprise! Seems like everyone likes oreas!! and, that vodka sounds delish! I love the color!!

  3. There is definitely no shame in microwave treats! That’s what I grew up with!

  4. Note to self, make peppermint vodka!

  5. Of course i zoomed straight to the microwave fudge!! c

    • I like it best with milk chocolate chips

  6. I should get some of those microwaveable chocolate melts. I can’t temper chocolate properly to save my life!

    • They are fabulous. I love them.

  7. Great share!

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