Garden Gab Week Meh.

Did I say week Meh? Yes, that’s what I said. This week (week 11), besides one bright spot that involved a carrot (more on that in a bit), my garden and I both say Meh.


Why Meh you might be asking yourself, or maybe you’re wondering what’s Meh mean…

Wikipedia defines Meh as-“Meh” is an interjection, often used as an expression of apathy, indifference, or boredom. However, it can also be used to indicate agreement or disagreement. It can also be an adjective, meaning mediocre or boring.[1]

Apathy would be how I am using it. It’s been a rough week and I’m feeling unmotivated garden wise this week.

The reason? Grubs.

I’ve got no idea how to deal with grubs, I feel helpless in the face of grubs.

Plus, they’re really ugly. Have you ever looked a grub in the errmm Face (?) it’s not pretty.  I’m not sure it has a face that even a mother would love. I’m pretty sure that’s why they stay underground so long…U.G.L.Y….anyway I digress.

In my raised garden I never had to deal with grubs. So when greedy little grubs ate my yellow squash and zucchini plants, the ones I lovingly transplanted from the raised garden into the side garden I was devastated. All 6 plants are gone now. So depressing. The grubs ate up through the root area into the stalk of the plants….killed them all.


I’m beyond bummed.

Otherwise my garden is still trying to grow despite the bug attacks. I’ve got a traveling strawberry plant that keeps making new plants. I started with 2 strawberry plants and I now have 4.

The one orange-y bright spot? Carrots.  Last year I tried to grow carrots in the raised garden (did not work, I don’t think it is deep enough) this year I put the seeds in a small side garden with the cucumbers and they are growing so well! I pulled one just to see how they were doing and it’s tiny…but it’s a carrot!

Happy dance! (my hubby did the happy dance for me since my knee is still recovering from the cortisone shot)..I’m so excited. I love carrots and to grow them myself, boy howdy that is a good thing indeed.

I think the carrot growth has helped my Meh attitude.

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How is your garden growing this week?


  1. Oh no! I hate losing plants. Haven’t dealt with grubs, but evil aphids. Love the slide show.

    • Thanks Greg. I have not had to deal with aphids, but the grubs are quite unwelcome. On an unrelated note, I saw this big, beautiful dragon fly in the garden the other day…nature is amazing, and it reminded me of the British sci-fi show LEXX…I did mention I was a Sci-fi lover right?

  2. I sympathise with the grubs. We have had a snail and slug invasion (is that the same thing?) and they´ve eaten my zucchini the little monsters. Your cucumbers and the carrot (s) look great though. Don´t give up hope!

    • Thanks Tanya, I won’t give up. It is quite frustrating though. Slugs, snails and grubs…what positive impact do they have on the world?

  3. I love to see your garden grow! Herbs are the only plants in my “garden” if you could call it that!

    • Linda, if you grow it…I call it a garden. I will be so excited when the carrots are big enough to harvest. I’m already planning a carrot cake, carrot raisin salad and carrot orange smoothies…I hope my carrots can handle all that! 🙂

  4. Have you heard of Gardeners Supply Company? They have great advice on how to deal with every kind of pest, and have everything you can think of for your garden and garden pests.

    • I have not. I’ll check them out, Thanks. I’m not use to grubs…they eat right through the plants.

      • There are products you can buy to prevent them. I will call my mom tonight and ask her what she thinks. She is an avid gardener, and worked for that company for years. 🙂

      • Thank you. 🙂

  5. Ok. sorry it took so long to get back to you. There are a number of ways to prevent grubs before you start your garden as well as during the height of your gardening season. Check out this website
    Also the gardening place I mentioned early has great advice. They have garden gurus that help with all kinds of questions. Good luck!

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