Making Salsa frugally

I got this great salsa recipe from Andrea over at From the Bookshelf. My son can not get enough of this salsa. It is fabulous, fresh, and tasty. The price of cherry/grape tomatoes…yuck (not so fabulous), so I decided to try a different tomato.

Hello less expensive, Roma tomato.

I bought 8 Roma tomatoes at ALDI for about $1.09, far less than the $2.50 the grape tomatoes cost. I washed and cut them (in half, and then in quarters, then chopped them in a large chunk style.

Here how I’m making my salsa, inspired by Andrea’s recipe and made a bit more frugally.

8 Roma tomatoes (chopped, large and chunky)

1 onion (small) cut into pieces

3 TBSP lime juice

1 TBSP diced garlic (I used the type in the jar) If you use fresh, use 2 cloves.

1 tsp cilantro

a pinch of salt

a pinch of pepper

1 TBSP diced jalapeno (I used a jarred variety, the mild version for just a little spice)

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  1. Good point on the romas. I use them in a lot of cooking and even grow them. Great recipe too! I love homemade salsa.

    • Thanks. The recipe is Andrea’s. All I changed was the tomato type and I added a little spice.

  2. When the grape tomatoes are ridiculous in price I use Roma as well! Truth be told, I have used tomatoes on the vine, regular old tomatoes, cherry, whatever is the cheapest!

    • But I am glad you liked it! It’s a quick simple recipe that my husband loves! The salsa looks great!

      • Thanks! We do love it.

    • Andrea, I thought you might use others. I have made 4 batches of this salsa and it was getting expensive! I’m glad to find out that you use any type of tomato. The Roma tomatoes worked really well. At $1.09 for 8 Roma tomatoes I can afford to keep my teen in homemade salsa.

  3. I love salsa, and I love it spicy. I´m so dim, I spend ages chopping everything up by hand but will now whizz it up in the food processor. And as long as the tomatoes have good flavour, I´ll use whatever is going or growing! Lovely recipe.

    • Food processors are awesome! 🙂 we make the salsa on the mild side. My daughter is spice sensitive (meaning she really dislikes spicy)

  4. We have about 15 tomato plants in our garden and they are loaded down with tomato blossoms. None of them are grape or Roma tomatoes, but we may have to try making salsa anyway… we like it out of a jar, but I’m thinking we’ll LOVE It fresh!!

    • I bet it will be great with any tomato. I put a little pinch of cumin in the salsa I made today and I like the smoky flavor the cumin gave it. 🙂

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