Something to share regarding meal planning…

I have been surfing, thinking, planning, and trying to decide what to do about the meal planning.  I failed to inventory my freezer this weekend, and I’ve been unable to pep talk myself into getting it done.  It’s already been a busy week and it’s not even half way over.

Here is some of the info I have found so far.

I found this neat area on Yahoo, totally by accident, that has some great recipes and meal planning.

My friend Lane, who also has a blog,  is using a paid membership meal planning service on JulieAnne Rhodes website. Here is a post with her review of the personal chef style meal planning approach.

I might not get all my ducks in a row this week.  Birthday ducks like to party, not hang out in a row.

I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, if you meal plan, I (and my readers I’m sure) would love to hear from you.

How do you plan? For what length of time? Are you happy with the process?


  1. We normally talk in generalities on the weekend and then talk every day. My wife laughs about our daily dinner call. Normally I know what I’m making or at least the main ingredients before I head out the door. You can probably guess this, but I do most of the cooking. She’s great, but gets home after 6 most nights. Great post.

    • I do 90% of the cooking, the other 10% being grilling which my husband does. I’m honestly afraid of my freezer. It’s really full and I don’t want to inventory it. 😉

  2. Amy

    I “sort of” meal plan. It’s all in my head. Is that even possible? I know what I am making most weeks and surprisingly, I don’t usually make the same thing twice in a month. I find that having a well rounded pantry helps. I make meals with whatever produce is on sale.

    • Hi Amy! I do the same thing, plan in my head, around my well stocked pantry and freezer. I know what I’m making a few days at a time. I can NOT say that I do not repeat meals, because I totally do. Sometimes by request and sometimes due to laziness.
      I am toying with the idea of weekly meal planning. 🙂

      • Amy

        Well, you know, I make spaghetti a lot. But one time I make it with meat, one time I make it without, the next time I use meatballs. :p

      • There’s nothing wrong with spaghetti. 🙂 I made my kids eat tuna burgers. Yea, that did not go well.

  3. I love your blog! I love the way you write! Nice job. I do meal-plan to some extent: Mostly weekly. I have a little white board on the side of our fridge where I have our favorite Top 13 meals, each with a number (and any # of versions of that meal in my head). On my to-do chalkboard, I have a teeny section for meals for the week which will read 1, 1 LO’s, 3, 4, 13, 9, 10… etc. meaning freezer soup, soup left-overs, pasta, baked pasta left-overs, tacos, etc. I’m turning out to be ridiculously organized, because if I’m not, well… I just don’t have the mental space these days to plan minute-by-minute. This system has been helping me keep my grocery bill very very low every week, too, as a lot of the meals I make use cheap, basic ingredients, and feed into each other. Also trying my hand at once-a-month cooking, making tons of freezer meals in one day. It’s exhausting that one day, but it takes a ton of pressure off me during the weeks that follow. And with baby #2 coming soon, I likes me the sound of THAT.

    • Thank you! I like what you said about a board on the side of the fridge with the top meals. That’s a great idea.
      I do, what I like to call, mini-freezer cooking days. I cook just a handful of things to keep on hand for nights (and mornings) when I’m really busy or feeling blah.
      Thanks for commenting!

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