An ode to the Grocery store….

I guess this is more of a love letter/rant than an ode, it’s not lyrical.

I’m a bit of a grocery nut, Okay…I’m a lot of a grocery nut.

I might even a bit of a grocery store snob.

I know what I like.

I like grocery stores with bin areas, large produce sections, stores that sell lamb and other specialty meats.

I love sausage that was made at the store where I bought it.  

I like to buy granola cereal in the bulk section, I like to buy as much or as little coconut flour as my recipe calls for and no more.  I love to buy yogurt covered pretzels by the scoopful.

Okay, many, many scoopfuls. 

I like the little pretzels with peanut butter in the center.

Who thought up pretzels with peanut butter in them?

It’s pure GENIUS!

I love grocery stores like Central MarketSprouts and Whole Foods.

I drive  two, sometimes three cities away from my home to go to these stores.

I live five minutes from a Wal-Mart Super Center and a Super Target, yet I drive. I live less than 10 minutes from a Kroger and a Tom Thumb, yet I drive. 

Not for everything, I do shop at my local stores, but

once a week I travel to a specialty store

I’d love to appeal to one of these chains to build near me, I’m just not sure how.   I live in a thriving suburban area. I live near a new-ish outdoor mall. 

There’s open space near our mall **HINT HINT**

In a world full of Super Centers, I cry out for a grocery store. 
Somewhere (near me) that does not offer oil changes or eye glasses.  Somewhere (near me) that does not have a bank or a pharmacy. 
Somewhere that offers food and not much else.  
Somewhere with knowledgeable staff, not  morose teenagers. 

  I’ll feel better once I eat a yogurt pretzel or five.


Yeah, probably five.



  1. We never shop at Wal-Mart because of the quality. We love a place called Fresh Market, but Katherine’s put a ban on it. We go in there and spend too much! So that leaves us Kroger. The one by our house is being expanded which makes us very happy!

    • I agree on Wal-Mart quality, it’s not the best. They do have great prices on bottled soda and canned goods (unless i have a coupon). The Signature Kroger stores are really nice.

  2. You are funny! I can understand reason for driving miles for the perfect store (or sale).

    • Thanks Rebecca. 🙂 things like yogurt pretzels are too important to leave to chance. 😉 oh, and corn nuts…can’t forget the munchy, crunchy bin delicacy known as corn nuts.

      I agree a sale, or great bin items are worth a little drive. Not everyday, but once a week I can justify it.

      I usually choose Sprouts, because the produce deals are dabomb(dot)com <~~~dated expression that I still love. If I go to Whole Foods or Central Market too often I break my grocery budget in a big, big way. I can not help myself. They've got crumpets and fancy deli items and a olive/dip bar that is drool worthy.

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