Shopping with your community in mind. Meet Lane.

I decided to do this monthly posting in a Question and Answer type format. Meet Lane.
1. A brief intro about you, including your blog info if you have a blog:
I am Lane, a working wife/mom. Since having our son, I have been especially concerned about hungry children, and the hungry parents trying to feed them. Because we are fortunate to have food on our table, we share with the community when we can. You can read more about me at The Outside Lane or Women Worth Knowing.
2. a picture of your monthly donation :
3. How do you decide what items to purchase for donation?

I only donate what my family would eat. Generally, I choose dry or canned goods, powdered milk, or products that can be easily prepared with minimal tools. Right now, I am hauling around a huge load of food (trying to find a place to deliver since my old storehouse closed) that includes pasta, fruit cups, non-refrigerated pudding cups, canned vegetables and spaghetti sauces.

4. Do you use coupons to obtain those donation items?

I have not in the past, but am learning how to coupon and will in the future.

5. How much you spent per month on the items you bought for donations?

It varies. If the grocery store has the bags of food pre-packed, we buy one of those with every shopping trip. Otherwise, we pick up a can or box of food here and there. I don’t spend in big hunks because we can’t afford that, but to pick up an extra can of this or that doesn’t hurt the pocketbook too much.

Thank you Lane, for opening up your food donation to us.

If you would like to be featured in one of these monthly posts, please contact me at

If you live in the Dallas area and need to find a location to donate food items, please see this link.



  1. That’s a great post. Food banks are really in need right now. Donations aren’t at a high point. And high food and gas costs are hurting them and their would-be donors.

    • Thanks! I feel very strongly that we are one big, somewhat dysfunctional family. I don’t let my family go hungry! Do you and your wife participate in food donations? If so let me know, I’d love to profile you one month.

  2. Alas, not with any regularity. Really, we tend to just give a few cans or a few bucks here and there. And we’re not always good about remembering. That’s why I like programs that make it hard to forget. Like when the Postal Service or local charities come to your house.

    • It’s hard to remember sometimes. It’s also hard when the donation spots are not always open when they should be. I had a lovely conversation Thursday with an older gentleman who was waiting for the food pantry to open (they should have been open for over an hour when I arrived). He got first pick of my donation, and then I ended up taking the rest of the donation items to another food drop site.

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