Garden Gab week 5

Here’s a peek at how my garden is growing this week.  Most of the plants, the ones that were damaged by the wind, are doing well.  The replacement seeds I planted last weekend are sprouting.  My okra is also sprouting.  

I was super stoked to find a whole bunch of tiny, baby lady bugs in my small side garden.

At least I believe they are lady bugs.  They look like lady bugs. 
The side garden in having problems, the cucumbers are not growing very well and the leaves looked munched on.  Maybe the baby lady bugs will take care of the issue?

I hope so.

Here are my pictures.

Squash and baby okra


Strawberries, Zucchini, and blue lake beans

             I will be moving some of the zucchini plants next week, the plants need more room than the raised garden can give them.


Blue lake beans and lettuce


Bell Peppers and squash

The Bell Pepper plants have flowers!  I should have little bell peppers soon!


the struggling side garden

The side garden has cucumber seeds and carrots in it. The carrots are doing very well, but the cucumbers are not growing much (they seem stunted) and they look like they’re being attacked by “something”.


Happy Tomato plant

Both Tomato plants have 3-5 flowers each.  I’m excited, the tomato plants I had last year struggled.


2nd happy tomato plant


Cantaloupe, I think it's time to put it into the ground.


Do you see it? Near the center of the picture. The little red bug? I believe it is a baby lady bug!

                               How is your garden growing this week?
                                                                                                           Any tips or ideas for me? I’d love to hear them.


  1. Can’t wait to trade okra recipes with you later this summer!

    • I’m going to be beefing up on my canning skills this summer. 🙂

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