G is for Gray or is it Grey?

I don’t mean to go all Sesame Street on you fine folks…seriously…but

These cake pops are too cute! No, I did not make these...

The whole gray ~vs~ grey thing has always confused me.

Two words, one meaning…which you say depends on where you live.

In the United States…we use the word gray, in the United Kingdom it’s grey.

Same meaning, different spelling.

I prefer grey. Okay, wait, wait, wait…

I like the word grey…. the word. I like the color grey, as in a color to wear.

I don’t like grey in my hair.

Maybe I should call it gray when it’s in my hair. Heh!

But, it is...it really is a big deal!

I am not a fan of gray hairs. I honestly hate them, I curse them,

I curse AT them.

I have been fighting gray (or white) hairs on my reddish-blonde head since I was about 24.

How totally unfair is that?! 24, twenty-four, 2. 4.

Not cool.

I’m not sure why I have been going gray since my mid-20’s, it’s probably genetics. My grandmother says it’s because I was a wild teenager. Which I was. Hush. I still think it is genetics.

The big issue is, my gray hairs make me feel old.

There, I said it.

I don’t mean to be vain, really I don’t. I’m sure it’s something I’ve been conditioned into by the media.

Women with gray hair are told (by the media) that we need to color that gray. Get rid of the gray. Heck, they have hair colors that work in 10 minutes so we can cover that gray easily while getting ready in the morning.

This is not my head. This is a Google image.

Men? Well, they’re told gray hair is distinguished. In fact,Β  they have products to remove just “some” of the gray for men. Keep just the right amount of gray, they say.

Keep some gray, because it's sexy...if you're a man.

Men with gray=sexy, wise and distinguished

Women with gray=old, matronly and not sexy


I found this picture on a Google search. This woman looks amazing (even with her gray hair). Granted this picture is from a Plastic Surgery brochure, but still she is lovely. Why can’t we see gray hair like this?

Meanwhile, I’m off to color my hair…because I can see the gray and I don’t like it.

How do you feel about gray? Do you feel in makes you look “old”?



  1. Here’s my post on going grey… http://therippleeffect2009.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/going-grey-and-growing-up/

    love your pics; isn’t it great that the models always look like 18 with grey hair! LOL

    and yep, men look distinguished while women are portrayed as frumpy. that’s how they get us to spend the money on the hair products!!!:)

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree, the model looks young…Meh.

  2. I haven’t seen my real hair color in years. It might be gray, for all I know πŸ˜€ Okay, okay–probably not, I have some good genes–my grandmother only just started going gray, and she’s 80. Yup, 80 and most of her hair is still brown. Another gray-haired bombshell? Helen Mirren. She can rock it.

    • Ha! That’s some fabulous hair genes! My dad is just now (in his mid 60’s) going gray. I think my pre-mature gray is from my mother’s side. Or I really was way too wild. Naw, could not be the wild.

  3. ItΒ΄s all so true…Big Man is grey but he looks distinguished! I do have some grey hairs but luckily my family too are not big carriers of the grey (note the “e”!) gene. My mum has hardly any and she is now 67 and my grandmother only really went grey when she got to about 80. I still colour mine though!

  4. I went YEARS without coloring my grey (yes, I prefer that spelling too.) I tried to tell myself “I love ME, grey and all.’ That was until I started feeling grey as well. Finally hit the (dye) bottle again and am much happier.

    (visiting via PHYO)

    • Yes, I agree Tara, If I don’t color mine I feel a bit gloomy.

  5. I think that woman looks fabulous! I think at some point, I’ll embrace my grays/greys. Just not at 34. πŸ˜‰

    My aunt was almost completely gray by 19. I have to admit that I’m glad that skipped me.

    • Right…I’ll embrace them at 60, just not yet.

  6. I don’t have a single gray hair. I do have some whites on my temple though.

    • Ha! Greg! I’m sure you look very distinguished. Mine are white too. If I kept my hair really blonde, you’d never know I had anything but blonde hair. I prefer redder hair though. πŸ˜€

  7. I’ve been going grey (and yes, I prefer the e to the a even though I’m from the US. I also retain the right to spell color like colour and other UK and Canadian spellings.) since my early 20s. I’m embracing it. Going natural (partly because I’m too lazy to and cheap to deal with dye) and rocking it!

    • That’s awesome Tracie! Good for you, I wish I was able to embrace it, much less rock it. πŸ™‚

  8. (I want those cake pops!!)

    • I know, right! How cute are they?!

  9. I found my first white hair at age 22. Now at 42, if I were to let my hair go, it would be 95% white. Maybe 100% but I haven’t investigated it that far. And? I loathe it. I really do not think anyone needs to have white (or grey/gray) hair at 42. Or 62 for that matter!

    Funny thing is, my Mom started graying up early too and she loved it. She used to frost it up until it did it on its’ own.

    • That is funny! I guess everyone has their own idea about what gray hair means.

  10. I went grey at 16! I have been a dyed by hand red head since then, with the occasional burst of blonde!

  11. I need to color my hair!! It is in bad shape, I need to do it soon!

    • I just did mine. Good again for 4-ish weeks.

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