This week in gardening, garden gab week 7

Not a lot has changed garden wise this week.  Everything is still growing and beginning to flower.  Gardens in the beginning, since most of my plants were started  in my garden (from seeds), is slow going.  It’s similar to new-born infant tending in the beginning. You put a lot of work into it and don’t get much back, but you know the rewards are right around the corner.

Something,  I believe  Colorado potato beetle, is eating my okra, munching on my zucchini and snacking on my squash.  This beetle visited my garden last year also, I tried many things to deter or kill them. Very little (that was not strong pesticides) killed, or deterred them.  The organic pesticide made them a little bit tipsy (drunken), but failed to kill them.  I think they must smell the plants, they just show up in force and attack.  It’s frustrating.

I planted extra squash and zucchini this year. I hoped that extra plants would mean that a few would be safe.

We’ll see.

Below are all the iPhone photos I took today of my garden.


Tomato plant 1


Tomato plant 2


Ninja squash...

I call it a Ninja, because it’s camouflaged.


The baby tree I saved

The baby tree is doing well.


the cantaloupe plant, doing well.


the zucchini


squash plant in the raised garden


the zucchini in the raised garden

The zucchini has been visited by our (not so friendly) potato beetle too.


something is eating my okra!


loads and loads of lettuce




green pepper


baby green pepper




carrots and cucumber

How is your garden doing this week?  Any advice for me about the Colorado potato beetles?


  1. Anna J

    Love this. Inspiring.

    • Thanks Anna! I’ll be really excited when we can start eating produce out of our garden. Something just tastes better about a salad or veggie that you grew yourself. 🙂

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