A sweet potato chip update

I wanted to share this update with anyone who wanted to try using the dehydrator to make sweet potato chips.
Since we are stuck at home this weekend, while my daughter’s toe heals, I decided to make another batch of sweet potato chips.
I made this batch with a much thinner slice.
They are perfect, except my husband says they need salt. They are crispy, thin and wonderful.


So, for chip making, thinner is better. Much better.




  1. Wes

    They are good. Have you thought about adding some salt?

    • See…He thinks they need salt!

  2. Ha, that’s funny. They look great to me.

    • They are. Batch 1 is already gone. Batch 2 is still in the dehydrator. 🙂

  3. That looks really delicious. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks! They were very good.

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