Garden Gab week 2

It’s been chilly this week. Perhaps that’s why my seeds are mostly still sleeping under the soil. I started my garden in May last year, and it sprouted so quickly. I might have expectations that are a tad too high.

We went to our local high school’s FFA sale today. I bought 11 plants, 3 bell pepper plants, 2 tomato plants, 2 cantaloupe plants and 4 cucumber plants. It only cost me $6.75, and it went to a good cause.

I have had a tiny bit of lettuce growth. I’m happy about that.

The strawberries and mint are adjusting well.
Here’s a look at my garden this week.


The strawberries and the new pepper plants.


The new cucumber plants

20110402-010940.jpgOne of the two tomato plants.

I planted the cantaloupe in pots. I’m wondering if they will do well potted. What do you think?

Hopefully I’ll have more progress to talk about next week.

I’m looking for a tiller I can borrow, I want to plant corn, okra and later in the season pumpkins.

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