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Star Wars, Cereal and a Walmart gift card.

No, that’s not the beginning to a tacky joke. It’s another giveaway! This is the last giveaway I have scheduled for a bit, I love that MyBlogSpark is giving me the opportunity bring these fun winning opportunities to you. This spark is on a subject near and dear to my family. Star Wars. Being a …


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All the manners I ever needed….Thought Provoking Thursday

A recent trip to Wal-Mart reminded me of this poem…. It was a very frustrating trip.  People bumping into us,  looking out for only themselves, cutting in lines, speaking in an ugly way…Very, very frustrating.  I get very tired of rude people and I sometimes wish we lived out in the woods somewhere.  We could …

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Canning your own salsa

This was meant to post tomorrow, Friday. I made a mistake though and marked it as June 1st not July 1st and it e-mailed all the sweet folks that get e-mail notifications about my blog posts…so one day early…here ya go! My blog friend Andrea over at From the Bookshelf posted this great salsa recipe, …

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An ode to the Grocery store….

I guess this is more of a love letter/rant than an ode, it’s not lyrical. I’m a bit of a grocery nut, Okay…I’m a lot of a grocery nut. I might even a bit of a grocery store snob. I know what I like. I like grocery stores with bin areas, large produce sections, stores …

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The impact of couponing.

Did you watch the new TLC show “Extreme Couponing” on Wednesday night? I did. It was very interesting. While I was impressed with the savings the featured couponers received, I was left wondering if they could really use everything that they bought before it expired. It seemed a little excessive, but I guess that was …

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