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Pictures from our drive.

We saw some beautiful bridges on our drive. We saw some interesting sites like a vehicle transporting saddles on it’s roof. We saw beautiful trees and rolling hills.

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Traveling and Visiting

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! On our driving trip to Alabama, we drove from Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas on day 1. On our drive we stopped at a rest stop just inside of Arkansas and were surprised to see a girl my daughter went to elementary school with. Crazy. We …


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Boats, bridges and ferries, Oh My!!

To read Part 1 of our vacation To readPart 2of our vacation To read Part 3 of our vacation I’m sure you can imagine there are a ton of bridges near the sea. Many bridges over salty water. We went over and under quite a few. Going over the high bridges was fun. The bridges …

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On the road again……..

You can read part 1 of our family vacations here. Let me say this right up front….I flubbed the mileage to Corpus Christi from Dallas…It is more like 432.43 miles (one way) VS the lower amount of miles I previously stated. Oopsie! Back on the road, we left Austin and started the drive to Corpus …

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I’ve seen miles and miles of Texas

***Warning, this post is full of statistics, facts and all manner of brainy info I got from Wikipedia*** You will (possibly) be educated and probably be annoyed by all the facts I’m spewing. You’ve been warned. This is part one of _____. (not sure how many posts I can milk out of our vacation adventures). …

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