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Popping corn

Please pardon my recent absence from blogging. Since Monday I’ve been tending to three sick people. That’s right, I’ve been in a house full of sickies! I’m happy to report that everyone is on the mend! Cooking for people who have bad colds or worse is different than regular everyday cooking. When my family is …


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Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar isn’t like normal Caviar. I don’t remember where I first had this yummy black-eyed pea dip, and I don’t know what other names it might go by, I have always known it as Texas Caviar. Black-eyed peas (I used the canned variety, but you could work with fresh or frozen(just cook them first) …

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Sweet potato update

7 1/2 hours. Most of the sweet potato chips are crisp.  I think they taste great.  Picky daughter did not agree, but she rarely does.  I am drying strawberries now (after washing and drying the racks).  What’s next? Who knows.

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S U C C E S S That is how you spell, well success….which is what I have in drying banana chips. 🙂 At 13 1/2  hours. they were not quite there yet. At 14 1/2 hours. Sweet, sweet success! They don’t get “crisp” until you let them cool. I kept waiting for crisp in …

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What to do with leftover eggs….

I noticed a few of my friends on Facebook asking this question, and this morning the Dallas Morning News had an article about leftover eggs.  So,  here they are  5 things you can do with those hard-boiled eggs. Written by Bill Hogan of the Chicago Tribune. 1. Asparagus mimosa: Sprinkle a chopped egg yolk over …

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