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Rainy Day Garden Gab

Welcome to rain-apocalypse 2012 at least that is how the weather team on T.V. is treating it.   It’s  been raining here for a little over 12 hours.  Storming, wind howling, thunder booming, lightning flashing, big, cold drops of rain falling. Since we just planted the garden, this is a blessing and a curse.   Water …

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What to do with Halloween pumpkins

After the Halloween party, I had 6 lovely pumpkins to deal with. The first one met my knife yesterday and then I gutted and roasted it. Does that sound homicidal? Perhaps I’ve been watching too much crime tv huh? I roasted the pumpkin seeds. Here is what I coated them with: 2 tsp olive oil …

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Garden Gab week 5

Here’s a peek at how my garden is growing this week.  Most of the plants, the ones that were damaged by the wind, are doing well.  The replacement seeds I planted last weekend are sprouting.  My okra is also sprouting.     I was super stoked to find a whole bunch of tiny, baby lady bugs …

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