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Updates, Broken limbs and Food Co-ops

How have you been? Things have been crazy here in my household. The weather has been crazy hot (over 100 degrees F many days). Hades called, they want their weather back. I’m inclined to give it back, I’m not a fan of melting. Since we have stolen Hades’ weather, my garden is mostly finished (Garden …

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Savvy Shopping

I’m off shopping this morning. Grocery shopping. I know there are some peeps who have not finished their holiday shopping. I got a great e-mail offer from Target yesterday. I am going to attempt to share it with you via this LINK It is a printable coupon for a free $10 gift card with any …

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Savvy Shopping, Grocery Style

I have not written as much about savvy shopping as I intended to.  I bought 60 items. I spent $111.25 and I saved $116.76 which is 51%.  That breaks down to about $1.85 per item. Here is what I bought. Items I intend to donate are marked in Blue 2 turkeys (one 10 pound smoked …

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