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Garden Gab, Expansion Edition

My sweet husband is expanding my garden area.  Here are some pictures of the expansion progress.     I hope you have had a super week. I’ll be back on Monday. XOXO

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Garden Gab-Garden Oddities, Week 10

No sweeping look at the garden this week. I thought I’d show you some of my garden oddities. Have you ever watched the show Oddities on the science/discovery channel? My husband and I love it. Love it. In honor of our love of Obscura and Oddities….I give you oddities, garden style. Squash twins. Acorn Squash …


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Garden Gab, Vlog Style

I am trying something new. I Vloged my Garden Gab this week. Vlog=Video Blog Please pardon the grass that needs mowing. Please pardon the wild movement. I am Not a professional, clearly. And…….If there was any doubt about my being a native Texan, after this Y’all won’t have ANY doubts. Garden Gab, Vlog ^^^^^^^^^ Click …

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Garden Gab, Week 7

Is there anything better than watching things you planted blossom and grow? Well, okay watching my children grow tops watching my plants grow, but watching my plants grow is still pretty awesome. The warmth has taken hold here in Texas. The temps are holding steady in the mid to upper 80’s. I’d prefer the 70’s, …

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