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Banana Pumpkin Muffins

My continuing saga to use up my pie pumpkins……. I made pumpkin banana muffins on Saturday night. We had some lovely friends over for dinner and I always like to send them home with some baked goodie for breakfast the next morning. Since I had just baked pumpkin number 3 of 6, I figured pumpkin …


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Whole Wheat Apple Crisp

If you have not already, please take a moment and leave a comment on my Giveaway Post! You could win free stuff. Free is good right? Right! **. I’ll wait here…go! The giveaway ends on 9/22/11 at 9:00 pm central. I had planned to try making the Cheddar and Chilies Cornbread Scones, but I’ve got …

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Canning Apple Pie filling

Who’s ready to do some canning? This week I have made canned apple pie filling.  Apple pie filling has many uses.  Apple pie, obviously.  Apple tarts.  A topping for pancakes or yogurt.  I made turn-overs.  They were not my prettiest work, but they were tasty!       Apple pie filling is fairly easy to make.  …

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Kabocha squash- an unusual suspect

Yesterday I showed you my lovely squash.  Don’t get cheeky, I’m talking about these squash. Can Texans say cheeky and get away with it?  Here’s hoping the answer is yes! 😀 I oven roasted the kabocha squash, which I keep mispronouncing as kobayashi… making me think of Mr. Kobayashi, making me think of  The Usual …

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Cinderella Pumpkin bread

I love pumpkin bread. Love, love, love pumpkin bread. It’s one of my favorite sweet breads. In fact, the only bread I like better than pumpkin is cranberry banana. Because I like pumpkin bread so much, I’ve tried many different recipes. Sort of like the Prince trying to find Cinderella. I have tried many that …

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