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A sweet potato chip update

I wanted to share this update with anyone who wanted to try using the dehydrator to make sweet potato chips. Since we are stuck at home this weekend, while my daughter’s toe heals, I decided to make another batch of sweet potato chips. I made this batch with a much thinner slice. They are perfect, …

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Sweet potato update

7 1/2 hours. Most of the sweet potato chips are crisp.  I think they taste great.  Picky daughter did not agree, but she rarely does.  I am drying strawberries now (after washing and drying the racks).  What’s next? Who knows.

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Sweet Potato crisps

Good Morning! Today I am trying my hand at sweet potato dehydration. The goal? Crisp sweet potato chips. I used a Mandoline to slice the sweet potatoes so the cuts would be even and consistent. A word on mandoline safety. The mandoline is very sharp, and if your finger (or finger nail) gets too close …

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