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To My Husband, On Our Anniversary.

Today is the 15th anniversary of the day my sweetie and I got married. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful, funny, handsome and just plain awesome husband. After 17 years together, I can honestly say that I could not imagine my life any other way! To my other half, the father of my children, …

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A little Love for the Dads in my life and a sweet recipe

A Dad is a wondrous thing. A Dad is a protector, a confidant, a friend. A Dad is the one you worry that you might disappoint. My Dad, time has shown, has become better with age. I’m thankful every day for my Dad. He is a loving and involved Grandparent and a pretty decent golfer. …

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He is the “Moons Over My Hammy”

I am participating in a wonderful blog project called Project Marriage. This month we have been asked to write about our love story. I’ve always been a fan of the all-night diner. I spent many an hour(or four) in high school and college sitting at Denny’s or IHOP drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes (no judgment please) …

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