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Farmer’s Market, jam and dried herbs

Monday,  I was a busy girl. It’s true. The 107F degree heat, a yucky sinus headache and the threat of rolling blackouts did not faze me (much). My daughter and I went to the Farmer’s Market. Here is what we bought. We bought leeks corn onions peaches 8-ball squash garlic avocados zucchini and yellow squash …

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This week in FAIL….Apricot-Orange marmalade-y syrup

I was planning to make Apricot-Orange marmalade over the weekend. I had my recipe all ready, I had apricots and oranges…Oh boy the FAIL. I got Apricot-Orange syrup, not marmalade. It was a sticky, sweet blunder, that included a boil over and marmalade-y syrup all over my stove top. Oy Vey! So, I did a …

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