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Fabulous Fall Granola

I’m going to tell you about something that sounds scary, but really isn’t. Making your very own, personalized granola. Stop freaking out, seriously…it’s easy and so yummy! Plus, it’s less expensive than buying granola in the bin section at the grocery store.   Homemade Granola The recipe I adapted and use came from The Full …

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Chocolate Zucchini bread

  I love sweet breads, muffins too. If I can find a way to add chocolate to the bread…I’m a extra happy gal. If I can put a veggie in that bread, or make the bread healthier in some way & my kids will still eat it, I’m a thrilled girl. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

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Heavenly homemade granola….

It’s 10 pm on Friday night. What are you doing? Me? I’m making granola. For reals. Homemade granola. I know, I’m a Party Animal.  Woot Woot! Before I go into the recipe, the who, what, when, or where…I got the recipe I used/modified  from The Full Vine. Check out The Full Vine…you’ll totally be glad …

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