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Quick S’more dessert

I’m recycling a post. This easy and super tasty dessert did not get much attention when I first posted it. I’ve got a wicked sweet tooth. I just made S’more pudding. It’s chocolate, marshmallow wonderland. I used marshmallow fluff as one of the marshmallow layers, the 2nd layer was mini marshmallows. I’m planning to top …

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Chili cheese pies

I got a new iPhone 4S on Friday. The camera is amazing, it even has a flash. Awesomesauce. Because my new phone rocks, and because I heart Liz of a Belle, a Bean and a Chicago dog I’m linking up for iPhone photo phun. I made chili on Tuesday. Yummy turkey chili. Now, I’m making …

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Fabulous Fall Granola

I’m going to tell you about something that sounds scary, but really isn’t. Making your very own, personalized granola. Stop freaking out, seriously…it’s easy and so yummy! Plus, it’s less expensive than buying granola in the bin section at the grocery store.   Homemade Granola The recipe I adapted and use came from The Full …

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Star Wars, Cereal and a Walmart gift card.

No, that’s not the beginning to a tacky joke. It’s another giveaway! This is the last giveaway I have scheduled for a bit, I love that MyBlogSpark is giving me the opportunity bring these fun winning opportunities to you. This spark is on a subject near and dear to my family. Star Wars. Being a …

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Making a Fun Fall Cake

I’ve got a boxed cake mix, and I’m not afraid to use it. I had this idea, while eating a handful of candy corn, that I should make a cake that resembles a candy corn. Am I the only one who loves candy corn? Seriously, it’s pretty close to addictive. Or, maybe that’s just me. …

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Chocolate Smoothie Goodness, and a Yoplait giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a yummy chocolate-y smoothie? I know I certainly do! I know my kids love a good & tasty morning smoothie. Mornings are hard, let me be more specific….week day mornings are hard. See, I am NOT a morning person. Not. At. All. I like to sleep in, I’m groggy and sometimes I’m …

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For goodness sake, I made a Homemade Foreo!

I made an Oreo like cookie. Honestly. What’s better than a homemade Oreo cookie? An over-sized, soft, chewy Oreo cookie…and a foot rub, but the foot rub is totally optional. 😉 It does not taste exactly like a Oreo, but it’s super good. I decided to make the cookies soft and chewy instead of crisp. …

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Meatless Monday….3 bean soup.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!   We’ve had a wonderful weekend here in central Texas.  :)  The Texas State Fair opened on Friday, we’re planning to visit the fair tomorrow (Tuesday).  My children have Monday and Tuesday off this week, for the fair and a teacher in-service (6 weeks grade entering day). On Sunday …

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A Waffle recipe, a Swanson Health Products review and a giveaway!

Yesterday I told you a bit about  Swanson Health Products.  I also shared my sweet and nutty fruit bar recipe. As I told you yesterday, Swanson Health Products sent me a few items free of charge so I could review them.  Three of the 4 items I picked were “new to me” items.   Ben …

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Fruity Nutty Bars

On Friday (tomorrow) I have a product review and giveaway to tell you about from an excellent company. Swanson Health Products sells a wonderful range of high-quality, competitively priced & mostly organic products. From vitamins to shampoo to organic flour to oils and nut butters. They have it. Caroline of Sweet Caroline introduced me to …

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