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Garden Gab, Week 7

Is there anything better than watching things you planted blossom and grow? Well, okay watching my children grow tops watching my plants grow, but watching my plants grow is still pretty awesome. The warmth has taken hold here in Texas. The temps are holding steady in the mid to upper 80’s. I’d prefer the 70’s, …

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Garden Gab, Week 18

Cool weather and rain…where for art thou? It’s been crazy hot here, it’s been 100 deg F or higher for a while now. It’s been years since it’s been this hot for this long. I believe the last time we had a heat wave like this it was during the late 1990’s.  It feels like …

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Garden Gab week 9….from my garden to my kitchen

I’m so excited.  Last week’s baby squash is now a big,  happy,  ready to eat squash this week.  My garden is now producing. It’s not much yet, but I know more is to come. I did get the tomatoes moved out of pots and into the dirt this week, which has been good for 2 …

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