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A grocery trip, turkey chili, a pound cake and a boozy cocktail

I’m a coupon shopper. Have I said that before? I shop frugally. I went to Kroger today. I bought 80 items, including milk, kale, leeks, bread(x2), cheese, tomatoes, frozen veggies, chips and much more. I spent $87.67 (including $4 for cake flour), I saved $115.54. I use coupons, but I also shop weekly sales which …

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What I’m reading this week in blog land

I’ve had extra time to blog surf this week. Being sick and wired from the steroids the Doctor put me on kept me up later than normal. I’m feeling a bit better now, and I’m hopeful that in a few more days I’ll be five by five. Post by post, Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide …

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The tale of a Target shopping trip. True story.

I’ve said a thing or two about coupon shopping. I thought I’d show you a shopping trip. Telling you that you can save and showing you what I saved are two different things. This is a picture of my shopping trip this morning. I think you can see everything. I bought 56 items. I spent …

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