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From My Garden to My Pantry

What do you do when you have an abundance of cucumbers? I made pickles. 3 jars of Bread and Butter Pickles 4 jars of Dill Pickles

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Can it up! Pickles…a how to.

Canning is a wonderful way to keep summer fruits and vegetables for use in the winter. It’s an especially great thing to do if you are trying to live frugally and make use of in-season produce. My bloggy friend Allie of Forgotten Beast and I are going to be writing some very detailed, step by …


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Canning your own salsa

This was meant to post tomorrow, Friday. I made a mistake though and marked it as June 1st not July 1st and it e-mailed all the sweet folks that get e-mail notifications about my blog posts…so one day early…here ya go! My blog friend Andrea over at From the Bookshelf posted this great salsa recipe, …

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Strawberry Freezer Jam

I’m linking up with Alli-N-Son for sweet tooth friday I think I have said before that I am new-ish to making jellies and jams. I’ve made pickled items before, but not many sweet things. I had the opportunity to host a canning party through House Party. I was sent a huge box of canning items, …

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Two new cookbooks and a canning House Party™

I’m super excited, the two canning books I ordered got here today! Yay! I have done a bit of canning in past years, mostly bell peppers and jalapeno. I can not wait to dig into these books and broaden my canning knowledge. Canning for a new generation has recipes like ” Fried okra with black-eyed …

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