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I’m not confused or anything. I want to tell you about an easy (monkey bread) type bread that we call ummmm. It’s called ummmm mostly because I could not think of a name and my teen called it ummmm. It’s not from scratch, and it’s not very healthy. It sure tastes good though. The idea …

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What to do with leftover eggs….

I noticed a few of my friends on Facebook asking this question, and this morning the Dallas Morning News had an article about leftover eggs.  So,  here they are  5 things you can do with those hard-boiled eggs. Written by Bill Hogan of the Chicago Tribune. 1. Asparagus mimosa: Sprinkle a chopped egg yolk over …

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Easy, better than drive-thru breakfast sandwiches

Mornings are busy, especially when I wake up late. It’s easy, on those mornings, to shuck it all and head for the drive-thru. Fast food is true to its name. It’s fast. It’s also greasy, and usually pretty high in calories. I have a better idea. Let’s make our own “to-go” breakfast sandwiches. Ready? Get …

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