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Garden Gab Week 20…Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

The weather here is HOT, that’s not a shocker or a secret. Today is the 35th day in a row that the temperature is expected to hit 100 deg F or higher.  Today is expected to be 107 deg F.   In fact my entire 7 day outlook is 100 deg F or higher.  Meh. The …

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Garden Gab week 19 ~ Food for my family

I’ve been negative lately about the heat. I need to work on that. Gardening makes me happy. It provides food for my family and friends. It relieves stress, and it’s my “thing”. I’m 19 weeks in to gardening this season. 19 weeks seems like a lot, but in gardening it’s very little time. My carrots …

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Garden Gab, Week 18

Cool weather and rain…where for art thou? It’s been crazy hot here, it’s been 100 deg F or higher for a while now. It’s been years since it’s been this hot for this long. I believe the last time we had a heat wave like this it was during the late 1990’s.  It feels like …

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Garden Gab: Week 14

How is your garden growing this week? My sweet across the alley neighbor watered my garden for me while my family was on vacation.Thanks Becky! We arrived home to find lovely okra growing, more roving strawberry vines and happy little green peppers. I planted more beans once we got home from vacation. They are already …

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Meatless Monday: Making veggie stock, via my slow cooker

I’m making homemade veggie stock. Veggie stock is a great base for meatless soups and stews. It’s chocked full of veggie goodness and way tastier than plain water. What the heck do you put in a veggie stock? If that’s your question, the answer is simple….what do you have? I keep veggie scraps (your recipe …

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Two new cookbooks and a canning House Party™

I’m super excited, the two canning books I ordered got here today! Yay! I have done a bit of canning in past years, mostly bell peppers and jalapeno. I can not wait to dig into these books and broaden my canning knowledge. Canning for a new generation has recipes like ” Fried okra with black-eyed …

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Slow Cooker Recipes…..Spaghetti sauce

How versatile is spaghetti sauce? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s mighty versatile. I use this tomato-ey sauce in many dishes. I use it when I make spaghetti (duh), I use it when I make lasagna, stuffed peppers, and meatloaf. I use it when I make my ravioli bake. It’s freeze-able, can-able, store-able. If you have …

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Garden Gab, Week 8. Munched, blooming and baby veggies.

Things are growing and flowering, and being munched in my garden. Well, and falling. Can’t forget the falling.  Note to self: Plant the tomato plants in the ground. Seriously. Do it soon.  They keep getting blown over and damaged when they fall.  Each plant is half of what it use to be now. The evil …

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A grocery trip, turkey chili, a pound cake and a boozy cocktail

I’m a coupon shopper. Have I said that before? I shop frugally. I went to Kroger today. I bought 80 items, including milk, kale, leeks, bread(x2), cheese, tomatoes, frozen veggies, chips and much more. I spent $87.67 (including $4 for cake flour), I saved $115.54. I use coupons, but I also shop weekly sales which …

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I saved a tree for Arbor Day and other garden news. Garden Gab week 6

I saved a tree, and I liked it. An oak seedling was trying to grow between the cushions of one of my patio chairs. It’s been rainy and windy. I’m sure that’s why it was so confused. I saved it yesterday and put it in a pot to grow. Once it’s bigger I’ll plant it …

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