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Meatless Monday: Making veggie stock, via my slow cooker

I’m making homemade veggie stock. Veggie stock is a great base for meatless soups and stews. It’s chocked full of veggie goodness and way tastier than plain water. What the heck do you put in a veggie stock? If that’s your question, the answer is simple….what do you have? I keep veggie scraps (your recipe …

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Slow Cooker Recipes…..Spaghetti sauce

How versatile is spaghetti sauce? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s mighty versatile. I use this tomato-ey sauce in many dishes. I use it when I make spaghetti (duh), I use it when I make lasagna, stuffed peppers, and meatloaf. I use it when I make my ravioli bake. It’s freeze-able, can-able, store-able. If you have …

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Delish black bean soup

I’m making fajitas tonight. Chicken fajitas. Normally I would make a rice side dish to go with it. Tonight I’m going to make black bean soup instead of rice. Here is my hearty black bean soup recipe. You can make it vegetarian by using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. The Recipe I use is …

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