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S U C C E S S That is how you spell, well success….which is what I have in drying banana chips. 🙂 At 13 1/2  hours. they were not quite there yet. At 14 1/2 hours. Sweet, sweet success! They don’t get “crisp” until you let them cool. I kept waiting for crisp in …

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Food Dehydrator banana update.

Good morning Ladies and Gents. I woke up this morning excited to see my dried banana slices. I tiptoed into the kitchen and opened the lid of the dehydrator and the banana slices are not done yet. Boo! They are still chewy. Not done yet. The recipe stated that the drying time for bananas is …

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Food dehydrator 101

I just purchased a food dehydrator. I’m excited to start learning how to use it. Since I have a veggie garden, I’d like  to get comfortable with my new toy dehydrator before my garden starts producing. I have searched for recipes, found many.  I have decided to try bananas first, even though there is a …

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