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Turkey Bacon Jam

So, over the weekend I made turkey bacon jam. I’m sure you’re saying Wha? Bacon jam? Turkey bacon? Yes, friends, I said turkey bacon jam. It’s savory and it’s sweet. It’s heavenly on toast. It’s pure brilliance. I got the idea from Foodie with Family. I believe she got the idea from the Martha Stewart’s …

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Bad Momma, Brave Girl and Twice Baked Beans

I’m feeling like a bad Mom today. I took my daughter to the doctor this morning for a cough and a toe that just would not seem to heal. She had been coughing for about a week, but otherwise felt good. I figured it was allergies, it was not. Sinus infection. Bad Mom. The toe. …

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IT’S BACON…bread pudding (savory)

I stumbled across this in the paper on Wednesday. Who doesn’t love bacon? Well, except for vegetarians, people who keep Kosher and pigs. Of course, pigs might like bacon…but that would be gross. This recipe comes from a book called “I LOVE BACON!“. Sweet title huh? Savory Bacon Bread pudding 6 oz thick-cut bacon, cut …

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