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My Tuesday Morning

The thing about birthdays is….sometimes you have to deal with issues like driver’s license renewal. My birthday is Friday, and I’ve been procrastinating the trip to the Department of Public Safety. Now I’m just days away from my license being expired. D’Oh! So, this morning my husband took the kids to school, and I headed …

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Proof that household chores are evil

This is a real picture. I took it with my iPhone at a local grocery store a number of months ago. I’m prepping for surgery tomorrow morning. My CT scan showed a severely deviated septum and a bone spur in my nose. They believe this is causing the headaches I have been suffering from as …

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Date Night, German Style

Date night. Excellent company, Friday night, German food (including awesome sauerkraut), accordion music and stout German beer. No more words necessary. No Grandmother update yet this morning. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers.

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