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Chicken Taco Salad

Taco Salad, remade.   When I was young,  my mother made taco salad all the time.    Ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pinto beans, Catalina dressing and Doritos.   We had this version of taco salad almost weekly. When I married and became the “cook” I began making the salad too. It’s very kid friendly, it’s …

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Chicken Migas

Generally I agree with The Pioneer Woman on most food related issues. To me though, Migas is not Migas without Chorizo. Chorizo is really greasy and fatty though.😦 A local market, I adore Sprouts Farmer’s Market, sells ground chicken chorizo. I decided to give the chicken a try and boy, howdy I’m glad I did. …

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Popping corn

Please pardon my recent absence from blogging. Since Monday I’ve been tending to three sick people. That’s right, I’ve been in a house full of sickies! I’m happy to report that everyone is on the mend! Cooking for people who have bad colds or worse is different than regular everyday cooking. When my family is …

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Butter, Shaken not Churned

If you’re here to enter the MyBlogSpark giveaway I’m hosting click here. Yes, shaking is technically churning. Work with me people, it’s a cute title. I’m a tiny bit addicted to Pinterest. I surf the pins for ideas almost daily. It’s easy since there’s an App for that! Gotta love the iPhone! I re-pinned a …

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The Tale of Two Salads, this week in FAIL

I am working on adding more greens and whole grains to my families diet.   Not that we don’t love nachos, chicken fried steak and creamy, dreamy gravy….because we do. It’s more about making wise choices about the food I feed my family. I made two salads recently with two very different results. The first salad …

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The Holidays, through my pinterest board.

Have you been on pinterest? I’m fairly addicted to pinterest.  Lots of lovely ideas and blog posts to look through. Michelle, of So, I married a Mennonite is hosting a Pinterest Party! Specifically, this month, Holiday related pins. For me, Holiday means Christmas. Here is a link to all my Christmas pins. Here are a …

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