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How to succeed at pie making without really trying

Take one semi-lazy baker. One text conversation about desserts. And 1 hour. What do you get? Mixed Fruit Pie. This recipe will make 2 pies. 5 cups of random frozen fruit from said baker’s freezer 1 cup all-purpose flour (or preferred flour) 1-1/2 to 2 cups sugar (depending on how sweet you like your pie) …


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Slow Cooking Monday, Back to Basics

Back to Basics This week, I want to focus on basic slow cooker uses like cooking frozen meat. Many times I use my slow cooker to make full meals, other times I use my slow cooker to cook frozen chicken. The slow cooker makes cooking frozen meat so easy. I sometimes shop in bulk, I …

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Bitchin’ Shepherd’s Pie

I was once again inspired by Bitchin’ Kitchen. We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, filled with lots of family, lots of together time and (for me) lots of cooking. We had dinner out on Wednesday night, I was thrilled and fortunate to meet a new friend. My husband’s childhood friend. We had dinner with Melissa …

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Easy Chicken Tacos

I had both kiddos home sick yesterday.   So, yesterday was a hectic day.  Did I mention that my husband works from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays?  No?  Well, he does so we had a full house yesterday. Dinner sort of snuck up on me.   Not that I’m saying it tip-toed up behind me and spooked …

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