Garden Gab-Garden Oddities, Week 10

No sweeping look at the garden this week.

I thought I’d show you some of my garden oddities.

Have you ever watched the show Oddities on the science/discovery channel?


My husband and I love it. Love it.

In honor of our love of Obscura and Oddities….I give you oddities, garden style.

Squash twins.



Acorn Squash twins, but only one is really thriving.


Twin Tomatoes


I love the oddities that nature creates.



  1. I love the way that hand gently caresses those twin tomatoes. lol

  2. My sister loves that show!

  3. I’ve never heard of Oddities. Maybe the Discovery Channel is differnet down under.

  4. So cool! The acorn squash – one’s thriving, one’s not is fascinating!

  5. Oh my. Those squash are making me blush!

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