Slow Cooker Monday

Last week I did very little cooking.
We grilled some.

My grill master takes his grilling seriously.

We went out to dinner some.

And….I used the slow cooker some.

When we want baked potatoes with our grilled meats, I don’t turn on the oven. That would heat up my whole kitchen.
I don’t use the microwave to nuke my spuds.

I break out my slow cooker and allow it to slow bake my potatoes.


It’s super easy.

1. Wash and pierce the potatoes you want to bake.
2. Place them into the slow cooker.
3. Cook on high for about 4 hours.
4. I turn the potatoes halfway through the cooking process.
5. When the potatoes are soft they are done.

Mine usually take 4 to 4 & a half hours.

6. Enjoy.



  1. this is great. soon i will be milking and so i am looking for ways to use the crock pot. My oven is not allowed on unless it is supervised .. it uses gas and is Old! So i am going to be looking for recipes like this that i can put on in the early afternoon then Forget About! In fact i am going to go and do this right now!! c

  2. Great idea for cooking the potatoes and that is a very impressive grill!

  3. mamafasha

    I am always looking for ways to use the crockpot, and I would have never thought of this one! You don’t add any liquid? (for some reason I’ve always assumed liquids were a necessity)

    • No water is required. It feels weird, but it’s not necessary with the potatoes.

  4. I’ve never cooked potatoes in the slow cooker before but I’ve heard of it. I must try it myself.

  5. I would’ve never thought to use a slow cooker for baking potatoes.

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